About Us

I am an avid racer and long time car enthusiast with some iconic production sport cars in my past.  Many years ago I bought an Audi TT Quattro roadster as a gift to my lovely wife. We both thought it was a sporty-looking two-seater with a timeless design and incredible interior styling for its time. Little did I know that years later, when expecting our son, her needs would outgrow the limited space of the TT. As a solution, she passed it over to me so she can enjoy the convenience of an SUV. Needless to say it did not take long before I started modifying the car to quench my thirst for performance.

By joining the many TT-enthusiasts forums, I quickly realized that there was a void in available suspension components that could withstand track abuse while providing enough civility to be street driven. I then started making my own suspension bits to give me a competitive edge at the track. Friends and other enthusiasts saw the potential in the parts I was building, and before you know it, there was a cult-like following and demand for the madmax-inspired suspension parts.

FTD Motorsports as a Company was founded in 2012, and has been providing quality suspension components to the MKIV TT/R32 community ever since. Located on Long Island NY, all components are manufactured right here in the US, using American materials and craftsmanship. I personally take great pride in the parts designed and manufactured by FTD Motorsports, therefore I stand 100 percent behind every single one of them. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and ruggedness makes us stand above the rest. We can’t wait to have you become part of the FTD family by choosing our suspension products for your TT/R32.

Happy motoring,

Max Clesca

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