Madmax DV Kit – $185.00 USD


This DV started out from a desire to have a valve for the 1.8t that holds a lot of pressure without leaking – but more importantly, was also quicker in reaction speed than the existing aftermarket valves.

These requirements turned me towards the diaphragm-based OEM metal valve found on various Mitsubishi Evolution models. What is appealing about the metal Mitsu valve, besides being well-made with a heavy duty diaphragm, is that there is an internal bypass incorporated in the design. This internal bypass, with a few clever modifications, allowed for me to considerably speed up the reaction and recovery process.

With this DV kit, the internal bypass port is professionally plugged and a new externally-vented relief hole is added. The result is a super fast recovery speed on a valve that can also hold a lot of boost (30+psi). Another advantage of this valve is that it is built with wider inlet/outlet ports (1.35″ ID vs the typical 1″ ID used on 1.8t motors).  Therefore it is capable of flowing and bypassing a lot more CFM than the competition.

The kit comes with brand new custom heavy duty silicone reducers (1.35″ is not a standard size), as well as new metal couplers and clamps. The kit has everything needed to mount this valve into your 1.8t without any major modifications.

It must be noted that a small 1″ trim of the OEM feed hose might be necessary if the kit is not used in conjunction with a cold-side relocation kit (highly recommended). The slight trimming is to insure proper clearance with other bay components, and does not affect functionality in any way. The kit is totally plug-and-play with cars fitted with a more efficient cold side relocation kit.

You won’t find a better DV kit overall for your 1.8t!


International shipping charges will apply

** Due to low international core supply, the lead time is 3-4 weeks from order date **

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