Madmax Stage 1 Rear Brake Upgrade – $699 USD


This kit is designed to improve the rear braking on the MK4 AWD cars with 256mm discs as  standard. The kit carefully pushes the stock caliper away radially from the center of the hub for more mechanical leverage. The result is a 15% improvement in rear braking TQ, and an increase in thermal load capacity with much more attractive and appropriate 300mm lightweight 2-piece rotors.

– Two-piece 300mm vented rotors with custom-spec aluminum hats

– Full bolt-on with no shims needed

— No need to grind the knuckle for clearance like other kits

– Lightest rear kit available for the platform

– Anodized and powder coated steel brackets

– Parking brake can be retained without modifications

– Option for solid or race-drilled discs (even lighter).


* International shipping charges will apply